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Daily Tribe News: October 25, 2011


Cleveland Indians' Jim Thome to City Club: 'I want to keep playing' |
Jim Thome and Tom Hamilton spoke in front of the City Club yesterday, the first active baseball player to do so since Babe Ruth. He talked about both past and future:

"I want to keep playing," said Thome, a 41-year-old free agent designated hitter, when asked about his future. "And I'll keep playing. I just have to have teams that call me, and we'll see how the process goes."

Playing somewhere close to home isn't as important as suiting up for a contender, he said afterwards.

"I think the team is an issue to me," he said, "getting the chance to win."

The complete audio of the event is available at the link.


Joe Posnanski " Posts Baseball on Fox "
Joe Posnanski writes about several things, including about the World Series broadcasters. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have been doing the World Series since 1998, and to me it's high time a new team takes over. Posnanski puts into words why McCarver is no longer an effective color commentator.

Expert poring over long-lost Philadelphia A's records -
A treasure trove of records from the Philadelphia Athletics era has come to light, and how it was acquired was as interesting as the documents and films themselves:

The material had been salvaged from an Oakland Coliseum Dumpster decades ago by a ballpark employee who had kept it all in his garage until selling it at a flea market recently for less than $200.

The flea-market purchaser quickly auctioned the lot on eBay early in 2011 and that's where Rob Rodriguez, a sports-memorabilia dealer in Reno, Nev., bought it all for $4,000.

"I was just flipping through eBay's sports-memorabilia section when I noticed this stuff," said Rodriguez, 54. "I said, 'Wow, this looks great.' "