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Daily Tribe News/Playoffs Thread: October 2, 2011

Travis Buck will be looking for a new organization this winter.
Travis Buck will be looking for a new organization this winter.


Twitter / @MLBastian: Indians Minor League OF Travis Buck filed for free agency.
It just didn't work out for Buck, even though Buck had a great opportunity to earn an everyday job. The Indians will probably be signing a major-league free agent to play left field, regardless of whether they retain Grady Sizemore.

Accomplished in the minor leagues, Cleveland Indians' Mike Sarbaugh waiting for a major chance to manage |
Mike Sarbaugh never played in the majors (he played briefly in AAA), so he's had to work his way up the minor-league system again as a coach and manager. His coaching record has been amazing; he's won five league championships at four different levels. Now, with at least one vacancy on the Cleveland coaching staff, he'd be an obvious choice as the next first base coach. If he doesn't get the call this time, some other organization will grab him.

BC-BBO--This Date in Baseball, BBO |
108 years ago today, Addie Joss threw a perfect game in perhaps the best-pitched game in major-league history. He beat 40-game winner (yes, forty game winniner) Ed Walsh and the Chicago White Sox 1-0; Walsh allowed just four hits and struck out 15 batters. The perfect game came with the Indians in a heated three-way pennant race, just one-half game behind the Detroit Tigers and two games ahead of the White Sox with just six games to play.

Also, on this day 73 years ago, Bob Feller struck out a major-league record 18 batters in his final start of the year. Feller also walked 7 batters and gave up 7 hits in his complete game. The box score didn't list his pitch count, but it had to be at least 140 or 150 pitches. Feller's record would stand until Steve Carlton beat it in 1969. Feller would hold the AL mark until Nolan Ryan struck out 19 in a 1974 game.


Today's Games

American League Championship Series

Detroit at New York, 3:07 PM (Game 2 - NYY 1-0) - TNT

Scherzer vs. Garcia

National League Championship Series

Arizona at Milwaukee, 5:07 PM (Game 2 - MIL 1-0) - TBS

Hudson vs. Greinke

St. Louis at Philadelphia, 8:37 PM (Game 2 - PHI 1-0) - TBS

Carpenter vs. C. P. Lee