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Daily Tribe News/Playoffs Thread: October 13, 2011

Tribe close to naming Scott Radinsky and Tom Wiedenbauer to coaching staff: Indians Insider |

According to Paul Hoynes, the Indians are set to promote Scott Radinsky from Bullpen Coach to Pitching Coach to fill the vacancy left by Tim Belcher. Radinsky has been with the major-league club since 2010, and in the organization since 2004. The Indians would of course have to find a new Bullpen Coach, and Ruben Niebla, the AAA pitching coach, would seem to make the most sense.

Wiedenbauer, who seems to be the choice for first base coach, came the Cleveland organization last year after spending 35 years with the Astros (drafted in 1976). He appeared briefly with the Astros in 1979 as an outfielder, then after his career stalled as a position player, he turned to pitching, but that didn't work out either.

Also, Hoynes mentioned that Jason Donald is taking some fly balls in the outfield. Which kind of tells you that the Indians are looking at Donald as a utility player at the major-league level.

Theo Epstein and Cubs have reportedly agreed on five-year deal | News

The Boston exodus continues, with Epstein taking the helm of another club with a long championship drought.


Masterson undergoes surgery on left shoulder | News

Note that this was not his throwing shoulder. Also, Bastian provides a listing of the Tribe players playing in the various Winter Ball leagues.

Today's Games:

American League Championship Series

Texas at Detroit, 4:19 PM (Game 5, TEX 3-1) - FOX

Wilson vs. Verlander

National League Championship Series

Milwaukee at St. Louis, 8:05 PM (Game 4, STL 2-1) - TBS

Wolf vs. Lohse