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Catching Up With Indians News

Hargrove's going to help Matt with the glove.
Hargrove's going to help Matt with the glove.

Just wrapping up some of the information that's emerged over the last week. Lots of the stories written were drawing on the same few interviews but, as you'd expected, they didn't all highlight the same things. To the news:

  • Yahoo Sports offered a concrete timetable on Grady's return: "If he continues on the path that he's on," Antonetti said, "he'll be in spring training games by the middle of March and then he should be ready for the start of the season or maybe shortly thereafter."
  • If you're desperate for a Mike Hargrove fix, well, that's weird. But, the P-D can accommodate your needs with a short video clip of the Grover
  • The News-Herald has Ross Atkins saying that Chisenhall could "absolutely be playing in the major leagues this year." UPDATE: A longer story on Kipnis went up on the News-Herald Sunday evening. Not much new, though there are a few quotes of mild interest. 
  • Terry Pluto says that Mike Hargrove's first assignment is in developing the first base skills of LaPorta and Santana. 
  • In a quote you may have already seen, Antonetti told MLBastian that he "expect[s] to be a competitive and contending team...I wouldn't suggest limiting your expectations." I appreciate the tip, Chris but, frankly, I'm going to limit my expectations for my own sake. 
  • In another jaw-dropping edition of Hey Hoynsie, Paul makes intimations that Kevin Millwood could end up in Cleveland. That's been banging around for a while and, Jon Heyman says that the Tribe and Millwood are of different minds about his value. 
  • In an event covered by the Bucyrus Telegraph Forum, Bob DiBasio reiterated that the Indians made the same offer to both Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia: 5 years at $20 million per. 
  • Tribe Insider says that this is Matt LaPorta wearing the Miss Onion suit
  • Finally, this photo is from the Lake Erie Monsters, who had some of the Tribesmen in for a signing. Of note, I'd say, is LaPorta's weight. A healthy offseason appears to have done him some good.