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2010 Amateur Draft Thread

The Indians (like most every team) will make 29 selections in today's draft, starting with the #55 overall pick in a few minutes. The draft broadcast is not on TV, but it can be viewed live here.

There is some real first-round talent still on the board — including local kid Stetson Allie, who may have scared off clubs with bonus demands.  [UPDATE:  Pittsburgh selected Allie with the second pick of the day, before the Indians had a chance three picks later.]  The Indians aren't afraid to spend a pick on a "flier" who will require a bonus well above slot, as they showed most clearly in 2008.  Should be an interesting day.

2nd Round / 55 OverallLevon Washington, OF/2B

Washington fits a couple of Indians patterns.  Still six weeks away from his 19th birthday, he's a little younger than his peers.  He's a JuCo guy, which the Indians haven't shied away from in the past.  And unless I heard it wrong, they are going to try to move this CF to 2B, which they tried with former first-round pick Trevor Crowe and 2009 second-round pick Jason Kipnis — a disaster in Crowe's case but so far a success with Kipnis.  Boras client.

3rd Round / 87 OverallTony Wolters, SS

A little surprising that Wolters was still available here — Keith Law at one point had him going in the first round to the Angels at #30 overall, and the Braves also were reportedly high on him.  It's possible some teams missed seeing him in the final week, as he's caught up in a minor eligibility snafu.  Wolters is touted as a big "plays the game the right way" guy — could be the next Pedroia, could be the next Inglett.  He stole 25 bases in 25 attempts this season.  Tomorrow is Wolters' 18th birthday.

4th Round / 120 OverallKyle Blair, RHP

Occasionally dominant, with occasional control problems.  Great slider, seen as low ceiling overall but might have the mix of pitches to stick as a starter.

5th Round / 150 OverallCole Cook, RHP

Another college pitcher with a tall frame that could fill out, this one out of Pepperdine.

6th Round / 180 Overall - Nicholas Bartolone, SS

2nd year, small-bodied Juco middle infielder

7th Round / 210 Overall - Robbie Aviles,RHP

Highly thought of high school pitcher.  Dropped because of torn ligament in pitching elbow.

8th Round / 240 Overall - Alexander Lavisky, C

Stetson Allie's battery-mate at St. Ed's

9th Round / 270 Overall - Jordan Cooper, RHP

Guess where he's from?...Wichita State.  Guess who else is from Wichita State?

10th Round / 300 Overall - Tyler Holt, CF

Florida State CFer. Fast, I guess.

Rounds 11-30 after the jump

11th Round - Hunter Jones, LF, HS (CA)

12th Round - Tyler Cannon, 3B, Univ. of Virginia

13th Round - Michael Goodnight, RHP, Univ. of Houston

14th Round - Diego Seastrunk, C, Rice

15th Round - Benjamin Holmes, LHP, HS (OR)

16th Round - Allen Cody, RHP, Juco

17th Round - Aaron Siliga, LF, HS (CA)

18th Round - Jonathan Burnette, 1B, Georgia Tech

20th Round - Mark Brown, CF, HS (MI)

21st Round - Burch Smith, RHP, Juco

22nd Round - Owen Dew, RHP, Central Florida

23rd Round - Nathan Striz, RHP, North Carolina

24th Round - Andrew Triggs, RHP, USC

25th Round - Jeffrey Gause, RHP, HS (NC)

26th Round - Edward Lively, RHP, HS (FL)

27th Round - Jeffrey Schaus, LF, Clemson

28th Round - Demarcus Tidwell, OF, Juco

29th Round - Kirby Bellow, LHP, HS (TX)

30th Round - David Hill, RHP, Vanderbilt