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Indians draft Drew Pomeranz

The Indians matched the consensus of draft watchers tonight by drafting college lefty Drew Pomeranz with the #5 overall pick in the draft.  The Indians have no other first-round or supplemental picks, so their next pick will be tomorrow morning when the draft resumes with the top of the second round.  That next pick, fifth in the second round, will be #55 overall.

Lead story from, including scouting video.

The front office shows once again that the don't really care what the conventional wisdom or buzz or fan hubbub is on practically any big decision.  With this selection, they ignored draft-day murmurs about Pomeranz sliding down draft boards due to durability concerns, not to mention the simple comparison to their last Top 10 pick, college lefty Jeremy Sowers.  Pomeranz was always their guy, and they took him.

More details coming later.