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Briefly: Something To Be Happy About

St08-35_183_mcfarland_mediumWith the Indians hitting the "repeat" button on their 2008 and 2009 efforts, it often takes more than a little bit of effort to find anything to feel decent about each day. Today, I'll offer up two little pieces of heaven as amuse-bouche to the Cleveland-Detroit tilt this evening.

First, we have Jared Goedert. Both Adam and the faceless LGT twitter have pointed to Goedert's resurgence over the last month and his overall season line is impressive, at .344/.402/.576. Jay tempers expectations and he's right that there's probably not a huge future for Jared but I'll just enjoy the line and choose to believe that he can play a little 3B.

Considerably more thrilling than Goedert, T.J. McFarland went 8.2 IP last for Kinston, surrendering only a single run, striking out 3 and posting a 15:6 GB:FB ratio. In his first five appearances this year McFarland was paired as a long-reliever with Nick Hagadone in a sort of two headed starter deal but over his last five games he's become his own dance partner and responded positively, going over 6 innings a start, maintaining a GO:AO of over 2.0 and minimizing his walks. That heavy groundball emphasis is no fluke, apparently.

McFarland is the second youngest pitcher on the Kinston active roster, behind the other T.J., T.J. House. McFarland is the more legitimate T.J. anyway, as he's Timothy J. while House is actually Glenn A. House. For those holding grudges at home, McFarland is a 4th round pick from 2007, straight out of high school. With Hagadone off to AA, McFarland now appears to be the best prospect on a Kinston roster that's filled with interesting if not eye-popping guys (House, McFarland, Gardner, Bryson, Mahalic).


Photo via IPI.