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LGT Fantasy: Predictions

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An update on our Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League (for those interested, you'll be able to join for half-off through this link):

The rosters are set, and now the competition is about to get under way. The format of the league is head-to-head, though each matchup won't be an overall win-or-lose proposition. Each team can get up to 10 wins each week based on their performance in 5 hitting and 5 pitching categories. This should lead to some interesting choices, especially among the position players: would a manager sacrifice competing in steals, for instance, in order to almost guarantee victory in on-base percentage or home runs?

For that reason, I'm expecting the first month to be feeling-out period, as managers learn their roster's strengths and weaknesses. The head-to-head format should keep most of the teams in the race for the four playoff spots up until at least the trade deadline, but I'm expecting some radical roster turnovers in late May and early June as managers commit to a strategy and deal those players who don't fit them.

Here's my opinion on the best rosters by position:

Infield: Huff the Magic Dragon

Outfield: ACTA's Projections

Starting Pitchers: Mr. September

Relief Pitchers: Overpaid Bums

Of course, those are the best rosters on (cyber)paper. The real challenge in a season-long fantasy league is to react to major injuries, shore up areas that unexpectedly fell apart, and make a trade that can vault your club from the second division to a playoff team. Best of luck to the league managers.

If you're still considering a fantasy league, now's the time to start it. The season is starting tomorrow, but losing even a week's worth of action isn't that big a deal with a six-month fantasy season. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities.
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