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The LLL thing

There has been some complaint about the string of lefties the Indians are putting into the middle of the lineup every night.  Just to set the early season record straight, the problem is not so much that Sizemore, Choo and Hafner are all lined up, it is that Sizemore and Hafner have been completely punchless against LHP.  The numbers (OPS):

Name  v LHP PA v RHP PA
Sizemore .206 20 .993 28
Choo 1.085 23 1.152 33
Hafner .438 21 .965 30

And at the moment, Jhonny Peralta (.533 v RHP, .433 v LHP) is probably not the anything.

It is somewhat surprising the number of lefties we have faced in the early going.  Typically the number of plate appearances for a team against righties vs. lefties is about 3:1.