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LGT Fantasy 2010: The Players

So 11 brave souls have decided to take me on in Fantasy Baseball. Actually, they aren't necessarily brave, since two Indians rebuilds have taken place since I last played fantasy baseball. Here's who I'm up against (with their team names):

mwball75 - Mr. September
The Spider That Bit Brian Giles

My team name is You Know Me Al.

For those who are participating, I'll be sending out invitations via the e-mails listed in your profile. If you wish to use a different e-mail address, let me know (via e-mail) before tomorrow evening.

Our next step will be deciding on the player pool (AL-only, NL-only, or Both), and the scoring system (rotisserie, Ranked (points), or Head-to-Head (points). I'm leaning towards limiting the player pool to AL-only, since that's the league most of us follow, and would be more of a challenge than using both leagues. But I'm unsure as to the scoring system - does anyone have an opinion on what rules are better for a serious fantasy league?

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