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Spring Training News and Notes: 3-8-2010

Brown, Grilli to undergo surgery | News
Both Let's Go Tribe Favorite Jordan Brown and Jason Grilli aren't going to make the Opening Day roster due to major injuries. Brown injured his knee last Friday, and will be out 4-8 weeks. If he's back on the field by the beginning of April, he won't miss much time, but that month is a big deal for a player who could have made the big-league club. Grill's qudriceps injury looks even worse, as he could miss the entire season. For a non-roster player who already had little margin for sticking in the majors, that's a devastating injury.

Indians insider: After a wait of nearly two seasons, a one-day delay doesn't faze Westbrook |
Paul Hoynes notes that Scott Boras, Shin-Soo Choo's new agent, has shown him some multiyear contract offers from the Indians. Boras clients historically have tended not to sign these types of pre-arbitration lockup deals, trading higher risk for higher future salaries. For a player in Choo's situation, it's very tempting to take that guaranteed $15-20M in exchange for not maximizing your earning potential. As Fausto Carmona can attest to, promising careers can crater very quickly. I hope something can get done, but with Boras in the picture, it's likely that Choo will be going the arbitration route.