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Developing: Cliff Lee, Ben Francisco reportedly headed to Phillies

Although there is no official word to speak of and no trace of confirmation from the Indians side, and other media outlets are now reporting that the Indians and Phillies have worked out a deal to send Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to the Phillies for a package of four prospects.  According to at least one report, it's all over but the physicals, and there aren't any no-trade clauses or other formalities that could get in the way.

The package of prospects reportedly coming to the Indians is not immediately saliva-producing as other recent Indians trade returns have been.  It is led by pitcher Carlos Carrasco, the consensus #1 prospect in the Phillies system when the season began.  The other three are shortstop Jason Donald, catcher Lou Marson — both consensus Top 5 guys — and the reported key to the deal, Class A pitcher Jason Knapp, an not-quite-19-year-old who can dial it up to 97 mph.

More details soon ...