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Game 98: Indians 10, Mariners 3

Jeremy Sowers, who had just been recalled to make today's start, went seven scoreless innings, his best outing of the season. He's running out of chances to stick around in the rotation, but today's start may give him another start or two. More importantly, this was the third straight fantastic start by an Indian pitcher, and none of those games were pitched by Cliff Lee.

Meanwhile, the Indians offense again had a great outing. Jhonny Peralta singled home the first two runs of the game off Mariner starter Erik Bedard in the third inning. Bedard, who was probably pitching hurt, was pulled after that inning, but the Indians kept hitting off of reliever Chris Jakaubauskas. Chris Giminez hit a two-run homer in the fourth to make it 4-0, and the following inning Asdrubal Cabrera made it 8-0 with another two-run shot. After the Cabrera home run, Jakaubauskas nailed Ben Francisco with his next pitch. Francisco took exception to the drilling, but although both benches and bullpens cleared, nothing further happened, and Ben went to first. Both benches were warned, and when Winston Abreu hit a batter later in the game, both he and Eric Wedge were tossed. In cases like this, if a team feels like one of their players were thrown at, they have no on-field course of retribution.

Next Up: Lee vs. To Be Determined