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Game 78: White Sox 6, Indians 3

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This was a well-pitched game until the ninth, when Chris Perez entered the game. This was Perez's first game with the Indians, and a 2-0 deficit seemed as good an opportunity as any to get him into a game. I'm sure the coaching staff figured on him being amped up, since the 24-year-old would be trying to prove himself to his new team, but I don't think anyone foresaw this (the bolded text is my addition):

- A. Ramirez hit by pitch (a breaking ball right on the left earflap)
- J. Nix hit for J. Dye
- J. Nix stole second

- J. Dye hit by pitch (on the hand as another pitch went up and in.)

  (coaching visit, all the infielders were there to try to calm him down)

- J. Thome walked, J. Nix to third, J. Dye to second
- P. Konerko popped out to second
- A.J. Pierzynski grounded into fielder's choice, J. Nix scored, J. Dye to third, J. Thome out at second (probably would have been out of the inning had he bothered to cover first)
- C. Getz doubled to deep center, J. Dye scored, A.J. Pierzynski to third (high fastball)
- A.J. Pierzynski scored, C. Getz to third on wild pitch
- G. Beckham singled to center, C. Getz scored
- J. Veras relieved C. Perez


Looking back at it an hour later, it seems more comical than frustrating. He gave up four runs, but gosh darn it, he did it with style.

Up to this point, the Indians were technically still in the game, but after Perez got done with things, the White Sox lead was 6-0, and instead of Bobby Jenks coming out, Matt Thornton came on to finish things off. The Indians scored three runs, but I'm not going to pretend that those three runs would have been scored off of Jenks. 

Eric Wedge didn't get to see the ninth-inning fun, for he'd been run in the bottom of the seventh after arguing a close call. With the bases loaded, Ryan Garko hit a dribbler down the line, which was picked up by pitcher Gavin Floyd right on the line. The home plate umpire originally called the ball foul, but after conultation with rest of the crew, the call was reversed, with Garko being called out and the inning over with. Wedge naturally went ballistic, and you knew as soon as the crew chief made the out signal with his fist that Wedge was going to get tossed. I think the right call was made, but you could understand why Wedge was ticked off.

Only three more games until the half-way point. And then 81 games until the end of this monstrosity.




Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Carl Pavano .096 Grady Sizemore -.199
Chris Gimenez .062 Ryan Garko -.196
Shin-Soo Choo .033 Luis Valbuena -.094