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Game 76: Reds 7, Indians 3

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Tomo Ohka was on the mound, so this one was going to be a tough to pull off.

But the Indians had many opportunities against Homer Bailey that they failed to capitalize on. The right-hander may be young and talented, but tonight he was an awful pitcher. He consistently missed his target by feet, not inches, walking seven in five innings of work.

Second Inning, bases loaded, nobody out.

Valbuena ground into double play

Francisco flied out

Third inning, runners on first and second, two out.

Garko struck out

Fourth inning, runners on first and third, two out.

Martinez flew out (on a pitch up out of the strike zone)

Those were the opportunities that, had they been taken advantage of, could have brought the Indians back into the game.

Jose Veras, recently purchased from the Yankees, made his Indians debut, striking out the side in the ninth inning. This season has made me very skeptical about troubled relievers being turned around by the Indians' coaching staff, but I was pretty impressed. Now he needs to do what he did in a meaningful situation.





Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Jhonny Peralta .115 Tomo Ohka -.356
Grady Sizemore .071 Luis Valbuena -.173
Travis Hafner .049 Victor Martinez -.117