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2009 MLB Draft: Day Two (Rounds 4-30)

Things will start up again at noon ( The Indians' next pick will be the 125th overall in the draft, and now that the sandwich rounds are done, will selecting every thirtieth pick after that.

Fourth Round (125): 3B Kyle Bellows, San Jose State

Fifth Round (155): RHP Austin Adams, Faulker University

Sixth Round (185): 1B Benjamin Carlson, Missouri State

Seventh Round (215): CF Henry Jordan, University of Mississippi

Henry Jordan Scouting Report
Henry is a thin, speedy outfielder with the ability to steal a base and track down balls in the outfield. At the plate, he's a line-drive hitter who goes the other way and has no power to speak of. His bat will have to play for him to be an everyday outfielder, but it's unclear if the necessary strength is there. He could be a fourth outfielder type when all is said and done.

Eighth Round (245): RHP Corey Burns, University of Arizona

Ninth Round (275): RHP Preston Guilmet, University of Arizona

Tenth Round (305): RHP Brett Brach, Monmouth University


The rest of today's picks:

11. LHP Kirk Wetmore, Bellevue CC

12. RHP Joseph Colón, No School

13. RHP Jeremy Johnson, Washington State

14. SS Kyle Smith, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

15. LHP Michael Rayl, Palm Beach CC

16. RHP Joseph Dickerson, Nicholls State

17. CF Casey Frawley, Stetson University

18. C Dwight Childs, University of Arizona

19. LHP Nicholas Kirk, University of Northern Iowa

20. RHP Kyle Smith, Kent State

21. CF Jeff Rowland, Georgia Tech

22. RHP Kenneth Kelly, Yavapai College

23. LHP Daniel Jimenez, John A Logan College

24. RHP Michael Hamann, Danbury HS (OH)

25. RHP Jonathan Hauser, Manchester HS (VA)

26. RHP Antwonie Hubbard, Univesity of Oklahoma