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Game 27: Indians 6, Blue Jays 10

It never comes easy, not even the losses.  The Indians offense made 22-year old Brett Cecil look very good in his major league debut for 6 innings.  Anthony Reyes managed to somehow be effective, despite not looking particularly good for 6 innings.  Once again, though, the Indians bullpen acted like the bouncer at a college bar on Cinco de Mayo.  Everyone scores, every time. 

Eric Wedge was once again faced with a situation in which the starter was beginning to tire and the options to replace him were not so attractive.  With the Indians holding a 2-1 lead, Reyes allowed to the first two batters in the 6th to get on base with singles.  A strike out and ground ball later, the tying and go-ahead run were in scoring position.  Perfect opportunity to bring in a guy from the pen to slam the door.  A visit to the mound, but no pitching change.  Vernon Wells walks.  Pitching change?  No.  An Adam Lind single that gave the Blue Jays a 3-2 lead.

Showing the same resilience as last night, the Indians offense once again rallied to the cause and came through with a big four-run 7th, including singles from Grady, Asdrubal, Victor and Jhonny, to give the club what might be considered a safe 3-run lead.  Safe enough for Raffy Perez to work out his kinks?  An out and two base hits later, the tying run was at the plate.  Safe enough for formerly last-man-on-the-roster Vinnie Chulk?  Safe enough for completely lost Jensen Lewis?  After that trio of relievers managed to allow the Blue Jays to tie the game, Wedge went to Tony Sipp (again) with the hope of finally ending the brutal bottom of the 7th.  And after getting ahead of the count, 1-2, Sipp left a slider right in the middle of the plate that Indians killer for the day Adam Lind promptly deposited into the right field stands to give the Blue Jays a 3-run lead.  Scott Rolen's HR in the next AB on a chest high fastball seemed like an after though.  Or maybe it was just an attempt to screw Blue Jays fantasy baseball fans (ha ha, no save for you!). Whatever it was, it was another brutal, bullpen-led loss for the Tribe.

Next up: Pavano vs. Masterson (at Boston) 7:10 pm


Highest WPA Lowest WPA
J. Peralta      .201 T. Sipp        -.387
V. Martinez   .160 V. Chulk      -.259
B. Francisco .098 M. DeRosa -.151