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Game Thread: May 30, 2009


CC Sabathia, as a member of the good guys.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to get the first Sabathia home start as a Yankee out of the way, what with a much bigger Cleveland sports event occurring at the same time. There's a pretty good chance Sabathia will get booed when he's introduced tonight, and probably a lot of it will be because he's coming back as a member of the Evil Empire. In a perfect world, I'd love it if the fans at Progressive Field gave him one more ovation, a final thank-you for his 7.5 outstanding seasons in an Indians uniform. After that, he deserves all the respect due any member of the Bronx Jackasses.


Yankees (28-20)
1. Derek Jeter ss; 2. Johnny Damon lf; 3. Mark Teixeira 1b; 4. Alex Rodriguez 3b; 5. Robinson Cano 2b; 6. Jorge Posada c; 7. Hideki Matsui dh; 8. Nick Swisher rf; 9. Brett Gardner cf.

Indians (21-29)
1. Asdrubal Cabrera ss; 2. Grady Sizemore dh; 3. Victor Martinez c; 4. Jhonny Peralta 3b; 5. Shin-Soo Choo rf; 6. Mark DeRosa lf; 7. Ryan Garko 1b; 8. Ben Francisco cf; 9. Jamey Carroll 2b