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Game Thread: May 19, 2009


Indians (14-25): SS Asdrubal Cabrera (S), DH Grady Sizemore (L), 1B Victor Martinez (S), RF Shin-Soo Choo (L), 3B Mark DeRosa (R), CF Ben Francisco (R), LF Matt LaPorta, C Kelly Shoppach (R), 2B Luis Valbuena (L) and LHP Cliff Lee (2-5, 3.00)

Royals (20-18): CF Coco Crisp (S), 2B Albert Callaspo (S), 1B Billy Butler (R), RF Jose Guillen (R), DH Mike Jacobs (L), 3B Mark Teahen (L), C Miguel Olivo (C), LF David DeJesus (L), SS Willie Bloomquist (SS) and RHP Brian Bannister (3-1, 1.80).

The day has finally arrived: Grady Sizemore is not batting in the leadoff spot. According to the article, the move is to take some pressure off Grady, and that he could be hitting second a while, but as soon as he gets back on track offensively, he'll be back at the top of the order.