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For Sale: The Birth Place of Cy Young

We authors here at Let's Go Tribe were lucky enough to be contacted by a Mr. Richard T. Kiko, Jr. Mr. Kiko is a realtor in Ohio who currently represents a rather notable piece of property: the birth place of Cy Young in Port Washington, OH.

As an Ohioan, Mr. Kiko immediately knew of at least one resident of the state who might be interested in the property: Mr. Cliff Lee, the reigning Cy Young winner. While we claim no direct connection to Cliff Lee, we did correspond with Mr. Kiko about the property and how it might be used and enjoyed by CP Lee. Us authors compiled a list of pertinent questions that Mr. Kiko and the current property owner (renowned ceramic artist Tom Radca) were nice enough to answer.

Obviously, this all seems rather odd but it is, in fact, the honest to god truth. Anything presented in a quote block below is actual correspondence with Mr. Kiko. I'll try to limit my comments; they'll appear outside of quote blocks. Also, if Cliff Lee somehow stumbles upon this, we think you're really, really good. After The Jump: Details on the property.



Mr. Lee has two children, aged 9 and 6. What are the schools like in this area?

The school district for this residence is the Indian Valley School District.  I do not know how it ranks in the area against other school districts.  Both of my girls went through the school system and received a fine education.  They are currently enrolled in college and pursuing professional paths.

Where would his children likely attend?

k-6 school is in Port Washington; Middle School & High School is in Gnadhutten.

Also, libraries in the area?

There is a brand new library in Newcomerstown; New Philadelphia also has an excellent library.

While we're aware that Cliff himself wouldn't be going to the library we thought maybe someone in his family would want to know.

Is the home located in a neighborhood?

No.  The residence is located in a quiet, rural community about 8 miles outside of Gnadhutten & 22 miles southeast of New Philadelphia.   It is one of the hilliest points in beautiful Tuscarawas County - in the heart of Amish Country.  Tuscarawas County is known for its panoramic views & rolling farmlands with an abundance of wildlife.

How many neighbors would Mr. Lee have?

The nearest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away and there are 1/2 dozen neighbors within a mile and a half of the residence.

Would you consider it "isolated" enough to provide a level of anonymity for a celebrity?

This part of Tuscarawas County has the perfect blend of feeling remote & isolated, while the conveniences of shopping, movie theatres & family activities are just 25 - 35 minutes away.


What are the hunting opportunities in the area? Mr. Lee is an avid hunter.

Hunting is a popular and well supported way of life in this community.  The beauty of this 36 acre residence is that the person living here would never have to leave the land in order to hunt, as there is an abundance of wildlife roaming the hills and forests, from deer, rabbit and pheasant to geese and duck.

There is no shortage of baseball friends for CP to hunt with. To be able to do it on his own land? That's a quick way to impress Russ Springer. Hell, maybe even Aaron Cook and his extensive safety wear. 

You mentioned a stocked pond; is it stocked with a variety of fish or just a single species?

The 2-acre pond is stocked with a variety of fish, including 5lb Bass and Crappie & Blue Gill, not to mention Bull Frogs & Snapping Turtles.


Snapping Turtles? Awesome.

What's the water situation on the property? Is it well water?

One of the highest quality and best tasting springs supplies the water to the entire residence.  There is no well on the property and for the past 25 years a family of 5 has been living here and has never run the spring dry.

 Does anyone have an opinion on whether Cliff Lee prefers well or city? I'm betting well.

Will there be an opportunity for Mr. Lee to interact with local youth organizations? Is there a nearby little league field?

Not only is there a Little League Field nearby, but there is a little league field at the Cy Young Memorial Park. 


Crime statistics for the area?

Port Washington is a quiet town and this residence, which is 15 miles away in Tuscarawas's rolling hills, is very safe.  In my neighborhood you can leave your car doors and home unlocked for the weekend and trust everything will be as you left it. 


Is the kitchen newly renovated?

The kitchen is located in the 200-year old section of Cy Young's birthplace.  It has been renovated and upgraded over the years.  Today, it features beautiful, curly cherrywood cabinets made by local Menonites; it has a modern stainless steel stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.  Exposed 200-year old logs are featured on the East & North walls, while 12 inch wide ship-lap poplar panelling is featured on the West wall.  The ceiling is the original board & batten and perhaps the strongest & most beautiful feature of the kitchen is the original, double-sided giant stone fireplace.  This beautiful centerpiece is exposed in both the kitchen and livingroom with the metal armature still in place, that was used for holding pots over the cooking fire in the 1800's.  The Solid oak floors in the kitchen and throughout the house were installed in the 1990's.

Additional Information:

The 36-acre residence is a state registered tree farm.  In the initial 8 years that Tom Radca lived on the farm, 18,000 trees were planted.  They were, red oak, white oak, tulip poplar and green ash, of course the best wood for making baseball bats.  The intention behind planting the pine was so that Tom's 3 children can build log cabins when they hit their 40's.

From ice skating, cross country skiing and downhill skiing in the wintertime, to hiking and horseback riding the trails that Tom has cut in the woods, this farm is a virtual 4-season paradise.

So, there you have it. Possibilities for the site are a Cy Young museum, a Cy Young bread and breakfast, a Cy Young hunting lodge, or a tree farm to make bats, apparently. Also, there's no reason to think that Cliff couldn't potentially co-own this place with a few other Cy Young winners-a Cy Young retreat where CC Sabathia, Jim Palmer, Tim Lincecum, and Fernando Valenzuela can awkwardly chat while trying to take down a buck.

Anyone looking for more information can go through the Kiko website or contact a site mod.