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Spring Training Battles (Update)

Updating Ryan's post below:

Indians make a few more roster moves (PD story, story)


Fifth Starter

Aaron Laffey
Scott Lewis
Jeremy Sowers

Hoynes and Ocker speculate Lewis is now in front. I'm skeptical.  Here's Shapiro:

"Scott Lewis has probably been the most consistent of the group," said Shapiro. "He's pounded the strike zone. Commanded his fastball. He's shown the ability to throw his breaking ball for strikes as well."


Seventh Reliever

RHP Vinnie Chulk
LHP Zach Jackson
RHP Edward Mujica
RHP Matt Herges
RHP Kirk Saarloos

Saarloos is a depth starter in Columbus. This seems to be all about Mujica, Jackson and Chulk.  Hoynes says Shapiro is looking for additional bullpen help.


Thirteenth Position Player

2B Josh Barfield
OF Trevor Crowe
IF Tony Graffanino

I'm sure Graffanino is around to fill positions the final two weeks.  Crowe would still seem to have an outside shot, but it is Barfield's to lose (which is not to say he can't lose it).


Others Still in Camp, but with no shot of making the team:

RHP Greg Aquino
IF Andy Cannizaro
IF Andy Marte
IF Wilson Valdez
OF Michael Brantley
OF Matt LaPorta

C Chris Gimenez
C Wyatt Toregas

Gimenez clearly seems to have moved ahead of Toregas in the 3rd catcher pecking order.