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Game Thread: March 15, 2009

Cleveland vs. Milwaukee, 4:05 (WMMS,

Lineup (Castro)

INDIANS: CF Grady Sizemore, RF Jamey Carroll, LF David Dellucci, C Kelly Shoppach, 1B Beau Mills, 2B Tony Graffanino, DH Matt LaPorta, 3B Wes Hodges, SS Andy Cannizaro. LHP Scott Lewis.

Also available to pitch: RHP Kerry Wood, RHP Anthony Reyes, LHP Tony Sipp, RHP Greg Aquino, RHP Juan Salas.

BREWERS: DH Tony Gwynn, CF Lorenzo Cain, SS Craig Counsell, 1B Prince Fielder, 2B Casey McGehee, RF Trot Nixon, 3B Mike Lamp, LF Chris Duffy, C Jonathan Lucroy. RHP Seth McClung.

Brewers are throwing out a lineup of scrubs for the most part.