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And Then There Were Four

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Jay and I have decided to add Adam (APV) and Andrew (afh4) as both front-page authors and moderators at Let's Go Tribe. Their FanPost output has been consistently great over the years, and we believe that their writing belongs on the front page. They will also help us moderate, closing any gaps that exist because of either post/comment volume or Jay and me both being away from our computers. You won't see any change in the way posts are moderated, and any major site decision will be continue to be made by both Jay and me.

Over the past few years, Let's Go Tribe has grown to an extent I didn't think possible when I started here in the summer of 2005. That's a testament to the vision of Tyler Bleszinski and everyone behind SBN, the functionality of the platform, and most importantly, you, the contributors. For no amount of programming and content can overcome the absence of a vibrant community.To that end, Jay and I have promoted over the years quality user-generated content, whether it be moving great FanPosts to the front page, or emphasizing FanShots on this site. The community we have here compares favorably to any sports community on the Internet.

That growth has had its downside as well. The sheer volume of posts and comments that appear each day has made moderating a tougher job, and at times we haven't been able to remove Ground Rule violations as quickly as we'd like to. And with the additional editorial duties, we haven't had as much time to spend on creating the type of content that this site deserves.

The decision to promote Adam and Andrew was one that was obvious to both of us, and wasn't driven by the need to add moderators; first and foremost, this decision was made based on site content. We don't forsee adding authors on any kind of scheduled basis; these two, to paraphrase Mark Shapiro, made the decision for us.

Please join Jay and me in congratulating Adam and Andrew on this richly-deserved promotion.