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Back in the (game thread) saddle

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It's good to be back.  A recap of the opening game of spring training:

10:17 JK in CBus Is this heaven?  No, its a fresh game thread…

10:32 emil minty  omg i forgot to dvr this. /defenestrates

10:51 APV Who brought the chips & dip?

11:17 Turkmenbashi It will look like rays of sunshine piercing clouds of pure white while angels sing a euphoric chorus.  And Grady Sizemore.

11:36 Turkmenbashi Why is it impossible to make cup-o-noodles without them exploding all over your microwave?

12:01 Woodsmeister Instant Rim Shot is sooooo last year.

12:38 Jay Okay, fess up … who’s already hammered?

12:49 Fredward Rec.

1:01 afh4 You think you know. But you have no idea.  2009: Year of the Jhonny.

1:06 voltaire Oooo, Ron LeFlore.

1:11 afh4 Is Omar the Brady Bunch’s dog?

1:29 Turkmenbashi I love baseball

1:31 Gradyforpresident i’m seriously considering Nalgene’ing a PBR

1:38 FredOx My one qualm with z is that you can’t spell Matsuzaka without it. Q, on the other hand, is still OK.

1:41 Ryan New Game Thread here.

1:42 FredOx Ahoy there, scalawags.

1:44 Turkmenbashi Ethics in research on insider threat

1:53 Oaksterdam (ducks…)

1:57 Roger Dorn hopefully, you’ve completed puberty, otherwise you are screwed

2:01 rolub “hey, did you know you’ve got dirt on your forehead?!?!”

2:16 jjfoosk Castrovince just reported that he cleared waivers and was outrighted to Columbus.

2:29 Gradyforpresident boo andrew jackson. he ended it.

2:58 afh4  THIS IS IT.  STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. /evan cries

3:00 Julie Ah, Underpants.

3:01 Jay MLB Network does not appear to be carrying the game …

3:12 Julie I suspect cooties.

3:15 Manhattan Tribe Fan Why am I still staring at Rogers Hornsby??

3:17 Manhattan Tribe Fan POWER SOWERS

3:17 emd2k3 SOWERS POWER!

3:19 Toxicadam Chug .. chug … ch.u..g

3:22 TheVanillaGorilla Derosa put a little extra grit on that grounder.

3:22 stuart dean Beats him stealing talking points from a Hoynes interview!!!

3:25 bogey021 I can’t even imagine what opening day will be like around here.

3:27 Ryan No Thread for You!

3:29 drerikbrady Indeed sir.

3:32 APV that didn’t suck

3:33 Toxicadam I like how they add a fancy descriptor before each piece of seafood. Somehow making it more exotic.

3:38 Roger Dorn Fire Shelton!

3:39 emd2k3 FIRE SKINNER!

3:43 Fundamentals Crowe

3:43 JRontherim Trevor Crowe

3:45 afh4 Zach Jackson is mowing fools down.

3:47 wendingo the movie is better than the city.

3:49 voltaire GRADY GRADY GRADY

3:55 Turkmenbashi This is the downfall of holding shit rather than using caps lock, and probably a lesson in why it’s silly to ever use all caps

3:58 emd2k3 Fancy Officer Training Corps?

4:07 Toxicadam CarrollYardGnome.gif

4:15 c9kay32 viola with some huff love

4:32 Fredward He’s the prototype for the Giants’ favorite type of prospect….old.

4:35 voltaire Mujica

4:41 APV is his name really pronounced “Jim-inez”?

4:46 Jay Or actually, more … Chai Chai ROD-ri-gwez.

4:47 Jay By the way, turns out “exuberate” really is a word.

4:52 Gradysmanldy And furthermore, how is Aubrey still an indian?

4:58 Manhattan Tribe Fan Hey, I remember this guy

5:15 voltaire That almost hit his bat and his head.

5:16 cleveland teamer I guess “The Incredible Chulk” has to hit the potential nickname scrapheap

5:24 c9kay32 i once watched a mets game where the announcers spent the better part of 2 innings discussing bobby valentines cats

5:31 APV In my attempt to scan this quickly and get caught up, i read your line as “what contraception are you using to watch this game”

5:31 Fire Slider Yucky.

5:41 JRontherim Who is going to pitch the pressure filled top of the 9th?

5:45 Gradyforpresident /brats now

5:45 c9kay32 i’m drunk, way too early, ommegang sells their beer in bottles way too large to encourage sobriety

5:49 APV Wilson Valdez played in Korea last year. I say we pretend he is Choo and volunteer him for military service.

5:56 Julie I don’t like this tardition.

5:58 voltaire THOA:EITH{AEOIGHAE

6:03 APV more than 1500 comments so far

6:04 Gradyforpresident god that was a really good fix.

10:27 Gradyforpresident rec