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Game Thread: February 25, 2009

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Cleveland vs. San Francisco, 3:05 PM (WTAM, STO, MLB Network)

Cactus League

Exhibition games get boring pretty quickly, but when you haven't seen a live professional game in over four months, any form of Major League Baseball is exciting. If you add in the opening of Goodyear Ballpark, and the first Cactus League game in 17 years, it's about as good as a Spring Training game can get.

Jeremy Sowers will get the start, but given how early it is, won't go longer than an inning or two. The preview groups Jeremy in a five-man group for the fifth starter spot; that group also includes Aaron Laffey, David Huff, Zach Jackson, and Scott Lewis. That many pitchers either in the rotation or having a shot at it means that the schedule is going to be a bit jumbled the first few weeks of exhibition games:

The Indians have ensured the candidates for the open rotation job will get that extended look by pushing the spring debut of reigning Cy Young winner Cliff Lee, who amassed a career-high 223 1/3 innings last season, back to the first week of March. Pavano and Reyes will also be held back early on.