KLaw ranks Indians farm system #5


Not only do the Indians have an elite system -- most agree that there's a big drop-off after the top six or seven -- but according to KLaw, our main divisional rivals don't even crack the Top 20. 5. Indians - "They are one of a half-dozen teams whose prospect lists genuinely run 12 to 15 names deep." 12. Royals - "The Royals have good pitching depth but are a little light on impact talent after Hosmer." 21. Twins - "Beyond their top four or five guys, their system is full of players who don't fit any conventional molds and have to prove it in the high minors or majors before other teams will buy into them." 23. White Sox - "Although I wasn't sure how much weight to give the Cuban third baseman in the rankings, I settled on 300 pounds." 28. Tigers - "When Cale Iorg is one of your top three or four prospects, your system is down. " For comparison, here's how BA's Jim Callis ranks those systems: 7. Indians 9. Royals 14. White Sox 22. Twins 25. Tigers Pretty nice to be both the preseason favorite and also club with the best farm system.