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Transactions: Indians Trade for Mark DeRosa

Traded RHP Chris Archer, RHP Jeff Stevens, and LHP John Gaub to the Chicago Cubs for IF Mark DeRosa

Jeff Stevens should be ready to contribute next year in the bullpen, but the other two are quite a ways away, and neither were considered top prospects. So it looks like the Cubs did this deal to save some money, as DeRosa is slated to make $5.5M this season. Away from Wrigley and in the American League, I'd expect DeRosa to be about league-average offensively, which will play at either second or third.

DeRosa had the best offensive season of his career in 2008, posting a 118 ERA+ as a everyday player for the Cubs. He played 20 games at four different positions for Chicago, but his main position was second base. He's never spent a full season at just one position; at times he's been more of an outfielder, a third baseman, or a second baseman. He's not going to play much outfield for the Indians, so that leaves second, third, or a supersub role.

Anthony Castrovince believes DeRosa was acquired to play third, which I don't like, especially if you consider the Gutierrez-Valbuena deal earlier this offseason. If the long-term configuration is Peralta at third, Cabrera at shortstop and Valbuena or Barfield at second, then it makes sense to move Peralta now and not mess around with a temporary fix at third. If DeRosa is just insurance at third in case Peralta has defensive difficulties, then fine.

What this move does mean is that Andy Marte is gone. Ever since last Opening Day it's been apparent that the Indians don't believe he can play; Eric Wedge half-heartedly spotted him at third through the spring, and by the time circumstances gave Marte everyday playing time, he'd been on the bench for two-thirds the season.