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Game One Hundred Thirteen: Rays 10, Indians 7



"Obviously," Wedge said, "we have a lot to work out in our bullpen."

This game had a bit of everything, some good, some laughably bad.

Jeremy Sowers was pretty decent, which is a big improvement over his first few starts. He gave up three first inning runs, but settled in and left the game with the Indians leading.

Wedge sat Grady Sizemore sat in order to take advantage of today's off day, and although the lineup looked inept, it managed to knock Scott Kazmir out by the fifth inning. Jhonny Peralta, who's having his best offensive season since 2005, went 5-5, three of his five hits going for extra bases.

Eric Wedge had to perform some lineup gymnastics during the game, thanks to two unexpected events. First, Ryan Garko, who was the DH, didn't run out a ground ball early in the game and was benched in favor of Andy Marte. Which wouldn't have been anything more than an internal matter if not for Asdrubal Cabrera twisting his ankle running out of the dugout later. Because the Indians would have lost the DH if Marte had moved to third base, Wedge ended up moving Sal Fasano to first base, and shifting everyone else around (Carroll to second, Gonzalez to third).

All of which lead up to the ninth inning. Edward Mujica, who relieved Rafael Perez after two good innings, gave up the lead by giving up extra-base hits (two doubles and a homer) to the first three batters of the inning. Masa Kobayashi was then summoned, and he proceeded to give up three more runs at a quicker rate (it took Mujica nine pitches to cough up his runs; Kobayashi was one pitch more efficient).