Good Garko?


I usually like Castrovince's comments on the Indians home page, but this one struck me as kind of over the top. Garko's "surge" is described glowingly here, with a note that he has OPS'd 808 in August. If he were to sustain that over the full year, that would tie him with Ben Francisco (or is it Fransisco?!) for 5th on the team (after Sizemore, Shoppach, Choo and Peralta). A season-long OPS of 808 would place him 6th among AL 1st baseman, ahead of Lyle Overbay in 7th. All told, in other words, if this is the "good" Garko, he's not all that good. How can the team upgrade at 1B -- play Martinez there a lot and have Shoppach catch? Or, do we sign a free agent? Or, what?