Q & A with CC


Some guy who calls himself the Answer Man and writes a blog for Yahoo Sports has a Q & A with CC Sabathia. Here is most of what he says about Cleveland: Q: Will you be curious about the careers of the guys — like Matt LaPorta — for whom you were traded? CC: I'll pay attention to them; I'll be curious. I know the people in Cleveland are going to let me know about it. I have some friends there and they're going to be telling me every step of the way. I'll be interested. Q: I'm looking for some dirt on the Indians. You're a guy to ask because you just came from there. The Tribe has been struggling. How much blame should we place on Eric Wedge for not re-growing his imperial mustache in a time of crisis? CC: Ha. I don't know. Not as much as the fact that Victor [Martinez], and [Travis] Hafner and Jake [Westbrook] and Fausto [Carmona] and everybody got hurt. We can't blame him or his mustache for that too much. I kinda liked the mustache, though. Q: Does Grady Sizemore talk about trying another career? Because baseball's obviously not working out. CC: Ha! He talks about football a lot, but I don't think he'd trade anything now for what he might have had. Q: When is Jhonny Peralta gonna fix his outta whack first name? CC: I don't think he can fix it now [laughs]. I think it's too late. I don't think that's his fault, though. They messed it up on the birth certificate. I think his mom wanted to spell it regular and then they messed it up. Q: When you came over from Cleveland, it gave you an opportunity to clear up the matter of your dots, your periods, in "CC," .... and you have this exasperated look on your face right now. CC: I had no clue what was going on with that. I never said that I never liked dots. They asked me when I wrote my name, how do I spell it, and I said I spell it "Carsten." I never write "CC". I don't really care about the dots anyway. It's just something that kind of got made-up when I came here. I never stated anything about the dots in my name. Also! At the end of the interview, he claims that the reports many years ago about him dating Serena Williams were just rumors.