LA Times columnist's awkward exchange with Casey Blake


From L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers... You gotta feel at least a wee bit bad for Blake. It's entertaining reading, but Simers is a bit hypocritical for suggesting Blake wouldn't fit in the OF since earlier in the column he criticizes some of LA's outfielders. Quoting Simers: SO THE fans in Cleveland didn't take a liking to Casey Blake over the years. Wonder how they'd feel watching Jones play every day. Or Berroa. "They were pretty tough on me," Blake said. "I think they were looking for a 40-home-run guy." So are the Dodgers and their fans. "Oh," Blake said. Blake, who is free to go elsewhere after the season, said the Dodgers and their fans will probably like the versatility he offers in the next two months playing first base and the outfield as well as third base. "Doubt it," I said. "They've got James Loney parked at first and four guys already vying for three outfield spots." "Oh," Blake said.