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Game One Hundred Four: Indians 5, Tigers 0



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Paul Byrd .368 Andy Marte -.047
Jhonny Peralta .093 Ben Francisco -.032
Grady Sizemore .062 Andy Gonzalez -.021

Paul Byrd is the third of three pending free agents the Indians will likely deal, and his outing tonight only helped his trade value. Byrd not only pitched deep into the game, but only allowed four hits while doing it. His 7.2 innings pitched matched a season high. The Indians probably could wait until August to deal Byrd, but an outing like tonight would make a nice selling point for Shapiro to use between now and July 31st.


In other good pitching news, Edward Mujica hasn't given up a run in the month of July (7 appearances, 9 innings). In this year's bullpen, that stretch has earned him a key setup role and, more importantly, regular work.