Quick Update: We're in Last Place


Just wanted to keep everyone up-to-date with the standings. We're in last place. In the AL Central. I guess what I'm wondering is; what do we think caused this? Was it one thing, something that could have been avoided? Was it a tasty melange of failure? I go back and look at the offseason. Obviously, it's hindsight and it's easy to say now we should have added Quentin or something. But read this excerpt from Jay's chillingly prescient "Why We'll Lose" piece: "Lack of quality depth. I'm serious. On our 40-man roster, we've got nine warm bodies for four corner spots -- Garko, Gutierrez, Dellucci, Michaels, Blake, Marte, Choo, Francisco, Aubrey and Snyder -- but only one of them (Garko of course) is a really solid bet to post above-average production in 2008. In the bullpen, we started 2007 with at least four rookies waiting in Buffalo -- Perez, Mujica, Lara and Slocum -- young, talented, live-armed dudes who'd already gotten their feet wet in 2006. We don't have the same caliber of reinforcements to start 2008. It's basically Elarton, Mastny and a diminished Mujica." Weigh in everyone. What principal factor has led to our last place at the end of June-itude? Or a mixture maybe.