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The DL Report

Let's start with Travis Hafner, who is one of the few on the DL who won't have to have surgery, though it doesn't mean he's coming back soon:

Renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews concurred with the Indians' original prognosis on Travis Hafner's injured right shoulder. Hafner's rotator cuff and shoulder muscles need strengthening, not surgery.

On the one hand, that's comforting news for the Indians in that their original assessment was backed up. Then again, it doesn't mean Pronk is any closer to playing.

The frustrating part about the recovery process is that there's no specific timetable for his return. He could be ready to go on a rehab assignment in July, or he might be out the rest of the season. It all depends on how quickly his shoulder strengthens.

Fausto Carmona's return also falls into the 'indefinite' camp, unfortunately, after his left hip flared up the day after a simulated game:

"[The MRI] shows inflammation in the affected area, albeit less than he experienced in late May," Soloff said. "It's a mild recurrence of the symptoms."

Carmona will be reexamined after the three-day shutdown period. At that point, the Indians plan to have a new timetable for his return to play.

The only real successful news on the injury front was that the surgeries on Josh Barfield's finger, and Victor Martinez's and Jake Westbrook's right elbows have gone well. And, lest we forget, Adam Miller also recently had surgery on his right middle finger; he's done for the season.