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Game Sixty-Five: Indians 1, Twins 0



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
CC Sabathia .766 Victor Martinez -.084
Ryan Garko .054 Jhonny Peralta -.074
Jamey Carroll .021 Josh Barfield -.062

This was an important win for several reasons. One, it got them to within a game of second place. And more importantly, it, along with a White Sox loss, stopped at least for the moment the precipitous advance of Chicago's lead in the AL Central. The Indians are in survival mode now, with not a whole lot separating them from falling out the race, for even though there's still time left in the season to erase an 8 or 9 game deficit, some key player decisions have a shorter time frame in which to be made.

As the WPA notes, Sabathia essentially won the game himself. The Indians scored a run in the bottom of the first, and the offense disappeared after that. Sabathia went the rest of the way with no real problems. The last Minnesota batter to reach base was Joe Mauer to lead off the fourth inning. He was erased by a Justin Morneau double play. It was an easy 1-0 shutout, if that's possible.

Josh Barfield, who was playing in just his second major-league game of the season, had to leave after straining a finger while swinging. Judging by Josh's comments after the game, he shouldn't have to go on the DL.