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Game Thirty: Royals 4, Indians 2



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
David Dellucci .090 Franklin Gutierrez -.133
Jensen Lewis .085 Rafael Perez -.126
Grady Sizemore .073 Casey Blake -.115

Broken record time: the offense was terrible again, leaving it up to the pitching staff to win with a tiny margin of error. Franklin Gutierrez made a mental/physical error in the seventh inning in not catching a shallow fly ball. For Franklin that's a fairly routine catch, but he upped the degree of difficulty to going into a slide to make the catch. So instead of Kansas City scoring their second and final run of the inning on a sacrifice fly, the inning was extended an out. Billy Butler and Mark Teahen both singled with two outs, and that was the ballgame.

Eric Wedge wasn't happy with the offense after the game:

"There's not much you can really say about it that hasn't been said," Wedge said. "We got guys here with too much experience over the last couple years to be swinging the bats like this. ... I'm just not seeing quality at-bats."

I would expect a roster move on Monday. Jason Michaels for Ben Francisco makes the most sense.