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Game Fifty-Four: Indians 5, Royals 4



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Grady Sizemore .261 Victor Martinez -.126
Rafael Perez .223 Ryan Garko -.099
Casey Blake .220 Asdrubal Cabrera -.095

The good news last night is that someone had to win. With the two worst offenses in baseball locking horns, you'd think a 2-1 game would be likely. But no, the bats came alive to league-average levels, quite an accomplishment for the two teams.

Cliff Lee has fallen off from his early season high standards, averaging a game score of about 40 in his last three contests; in his first seven games, his average game score was about 74. In last night's start, he allowed 10 hits and four runs, but to his credit, he did get through six innings, allowing Eric Wedge to use only those in his Circle of Trust. With an offense so punchless, it's almost required for a starter to go at least six innings, lest the middle relievers have to hold a one-run lead or a tie game.

Last year, the Indians' offense was lead by Victor Martinez and Grady Sizemore, while Travis Hafner, while having a down year by his standards, still was a viable offensive force. This year, Travis Hafner has been useless, and now is hurt, while Victor Martinez only remains the cleanup hitter because of reputation. Which leaves Grady Sizemore as the only one of the Indians' big three having even an average offensive season. Grady hit two home runs last night, giving him 10 on the season; After his 10 and Jhonny Peralta's 11, the next highest home run total on the team belongs to David Dellucci, with 5.

Besides the offensive heroics, Grady made a game-saving defensive play. With two outs and runner at second in the ninth, Jose Guillen hit a long drive to left-center field. Sizemore ran the ball down just before the fence, bobbled it briefly, hit the wall, and held onto it. If he doesn't make the catch the Royals tie the game, and would be just a single from winning it.