May 29, 1995 ... Better Times


This was my first game at Jacob's Field, 13 years ago today. Thanks to Swerb's for the "Today in Cleveland Sports History" sidebar that reminded me. Dave Winfield hit a huge homerun in the 6th to start the comeback, one of the first of many, many, many unbelievable comebacks in 1995 for the Tribe. They were down 6-0 that day and ended up scoring 7 unanswered against the White Sox. It speaks volumes about how special that season was that this game is barely remembered because of all the other moments that outshine it. That team had Jim Thome batting eighth, for crying out loud. That's incredible. Anyways, might be a good reminder as to what those of us that were lucky enough to follow that team learned; you can't make a comeback for the ages unless you're down first. It's still May. There's a lot of baseball to be played still. This team can still turn this season around.