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Game Forty-Two: Reds 4, Indians 3



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Jhonny Peralta .168 Jensen Lewis -.270
Rafael Perez .136 Asdrubal Cabrera -.161
Travis Hafner .119 Jeremy Sowers -.120

Jeremy Sowers gave up the first earned runs by a Cleveland starter in almost a week, three runs in the first three innings. But he stuck around long enough to give the Indians reasonable shot of winning the game. Three runs is a lot for this offense to make up, but at least it was in the realm of possibility. Five runs would have been totally out of reach.

Johnny Cueto only allowed one base runner in his first five innings of work (he walked Jeremy Sowers, naturally), and looked like he was going to go the distance, if not accomplish even higher feats. But he fell apart in the sixth, giving three home runs to the first four batters he faced. To give credit, though, he kept the game tied after the Indians got two more baserunners on after the three home runs.

The Indians also had  an opportunity in the seventh after Casey Blake doubled with one out. After Franklin Gutierrez hit a broken-bat liner to second, Grady Sizemore was walked, and a Joey Votto error loaded the bases. But David Dellucci grounded out to second to end the inning. In hindsight, perhaps holding Gutierrez back would have kept Jared Burton in the game; instead, the Reds brought in Jeremy Affeldt to face Dellucci.

The Reds took the lead in the eighth without a hard-hit ball. Jensen Lewis walked Brandon Phillips to start the inning, and then Joey Votto hit a very catchable fly ball down the left field line. Unfortunately, with David Dellucci playing no-doubles defense, he had no shot of a catching a ball he normally can get to. Lewis did the rest, walking both Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Dunn to bring in the winning run.