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Traded OF Jason Michaels and cash to the Pittsburgh Pirates for a PTBNL

The Indians will be covering most of Michaels' 2008 salary; of the $2.15M owed Michaels this season, the Indians will be paying  $1.68M of it. The Pirates will be utilizing Michaels as their fourth outfielder; Nyjer Morgan, optioned to Indianapolis to make room for Michaels, had been hitting .161/.257/.194 in 31 at-bats. Though neither of Pittsburgh's left-handed outfielders have much a platoon split, Michaels should get regular at-bats as at least a pinch-hitter. If Michaels does well the remainder of this season, the Pirates have an affordable $2.6M 2009 option on Michaels.

As for the Indians, this gives Ben Francisco regular major-league at-bats. Until Shin-Soo Choo is healthy, what you see in the outfield today is what you're going to get. If Francisco hits, the Indians will have another tough decision when Choo's rehab stint is done; Choo is out of options, while Francisco can still be sent down.