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Game Thread: April 4, 2008

Gametime: 10:05 (STO)

Justin Duchscherer will be making the start, his first since 2003. He's technically on a pitch count (100), but that could be said of any MLB starter in the first week of the season.

MLB has been dragging its feet in regarding PED suspensions, so Paul Byrd will be making his first start of the season as scheduled. Byrd's MO is six and split; even if he's going good, it doesn't take long for him to fall apart after 80 or so pitches. Last year, from the seventh inning on, opposing batters hit .384/.442/.558 (95 PA). For comparison's sake, CC Sabathia held hitters to a .224/.274/.333 (160 PA) line in the last third of the game.