Olney: Willis talks Sabathia, Lee

On Sabathia: "The photos showed that Sabathia's stride toward home plate, as he released the ball, was extended too far. And along the way, the back side of his delivery -- his foundation -- was collapsed, his left knee bent deeply. Imagine a sprinter staying crouched for the first 50 meters of a 100-yard dash. 'He was too spread out,' Willis said, 'and he was losing leverage. As a result, he was throwing the ball on the same plane.' " On Lee: "Willis feels like the biggest change in Lee this season has been his ability to command his fastball. And Lee added a slider that suits him better than his old curveball because he can throw it for strikes more readily. Willis tinkered with Lee on his mechanics in the spring in an effort to keep his head more still, and his eye level consistent -- Lee's upper body, in his delivery, is more relaxed. This has helped Lee's command, Willis feels, and the improvement shows in the numbers: Lee has walked just two hitters in 31.2 innings, with 29 strikeouts."