Francisco optioned to Buffalo, Sowers called up


No real surprise here. Laffey has popped up as the probable for Monday's game. Then: Carmona, Lee, Byrd, Sabathia. Byrd's start falls on Thursday, which would be Sowers' next "turn" in the rotation after today, but evidently he'll be skipped -- possibly even demoted by then. Laffey would be lined up to pitch the next game after Sabathia, a week from today, and that may be the last game the Indians need from either guy. They could wait to see who pitches better, Sowers or Laffey, and keep the better one around for another start or two. Problem is, they need to demote somebody to make room for Laffey, and the only other candidates are Mastny, AbaCab, Stomp Lewis. Mastny has already been optioned for 2008, but it would use up an option on either of the others.