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The Game

Unlike most sites, we were "lucky" in that the game we'd have been Game Threading was delayed by rain.

The game has been rescheduled for today, 6:10 p.m., with Carmona still scheduled to start.  Today's originally scheduled 8:10 p.m. game has been pushed back to 9:40 p.m., with Lee still scheduled to start.

The Rotation

Jeremy Sowers will make the spot-start on Saturday, filling in for Jake Westbrook.  This is a mild surprise, as Aaron Laffey has slightly better numbers so far this season for Buffalo.  Wedge has said that Francisco is likely to be sent down to make room for Sowers ("I told Benny it's more than likely just a couple days.")

An unfortunate side-effect of the postponement of last night's game is that, if two games are actually played tonight, the Indians will need not just one spot starter on Saturday, but also a second spot starter on Monday.  With no rest day until May 5, the Indians would have to start Carmona on short rest on Monday in order to keep the five-man rotation in order, even with Sowers added.

Instead, the Indians will need another spot-starter on Monday, and that game's starter will also be lined up to take the mound the next time he's needed, on Saturday, May 3.  In other words, if both games are played tonight, then Sowers likely will be sent down to after this Saturday's game, to be replaced by another pitcher who can start on Monday and the following Saturday.

One would think that would be Laffey, but Laffey is scheduled to start for Buffalo tonight, which would put him on short rest for a Monday start.  Tantalizingly, Monday will be Adam Miller's turn in the rotation in Buffalo.  Miller emerged from March's rehab and April's extended spring training to make his official 2008 debut last night, pitching five innings and giving up three runs, though none earned, throwing 84 pitches and looking "completely healthy."  He has never pitched in the majors.

After May 3, the fifth starter could be skipped until May 12, but if Sowers is demoted this Sunday, he will not be eligible to return until May 17.  Given the Indians' fondness for playing with a 27-man roster, with four reasonably good spot-starter options in Buffalo and on the 40-man roster – these three plus Brian Slocum – we may well see three different spot starters over the next month if Westbrook remains out that long.

Westbrook is eligible to return from the DL as early as May 6.

The Site

As you probably noticed, the site was down last night, along with the entire SBN 2.0 network.  There was a massive but intermittent failure following a significant server upgrade performed the night before, and the network couldn't be brought back online without making significant changes and diagnostic tests.  The problem turned out to be bad RAM, but as those with an IT background can attest, it's very rare to have bad RAM cause intermittent problems rather than immediate failure, which made it hard to track down.

Naturally the SBN folks are deeply disappointed and frustrated to have had these problems, and naturally we all were annoyed by it — and naturally, this whole experience has the technical team already planning out deeper redundancies and "more paranoid" upgrade processes (their words).  On the other hand, I believe there's been less than ten hours of downtime on SBN over the past 30 months since I got involved, and the technical ambition of the 2.0 network speaks for itself.

Things may be a bit spotty for the next day or two, but we're told that the major failures should be over.  For future reference, we'll post updates on the LGT Facebook group forum in the event of a significant outage.