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Game Eighteen: Twins 3, Indians 0



Highest WPA
Lowest WPA
Ryan Garko .032 David Dellucci -.131
Jorge Julio .008 Travis Hafner -.108
Franklin Gutierrez -.020 Jake Westbrook -.075

Westbrook pitched just as well as Nick Blackburn, but Blackburn had the Twins defense behind him. Whether it was good throws, turning hard-hit grounders into double plays, or making good catches in the outfield, the Minnesota glovework essentially won the game.

Jake Westbrook made a first-inning mistake to Justin Morneau, and in this game, mistakes were fatal. Normally throwing 7 innings and allowing 3 runs would be good enough to at least avoid a loss.  The non-Sabathia starts have been promising; now the team just has to start hitting.