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Game Sixteen: Indians 11, Tigers 1



Highest WPA
Lowest  WPA
Fausto Carmona .243

Jhonny Peralta -.167
Jamey Carroll .110

Rafael Betancourt .000
Franklin Gutierrez .106

"Slide Gary Slide!" -

Excerpts from Managing to Win (11th Edition), by Leo Martin:

If your charges aren't putting out, the first step is always a chewing out. First of all, it usually will shock the lackadaisical guys out of a rut. And the public will just eat it up. Trust me, you can never go wrong with a good old verbal tirade.

On building team unity:

If team chemistry just isn't there, try building it with a beanball war. This especially works with a big rival. You don't need much of a pretext - any old brushback will do. If you get lucky and the other guy plunks one of yours, you probably won't even need to start the ball rolling, if there's any starch in the boys at all. As an added touch, nail the biggest SOB on the other side - this way everyone's behind you. And if some hack asks you about it after the game, act all indignant and so forth, like you would never dream of stooping to that level of indecency, all the while grinning like a cheshire cat inside.

On the secret to winning:

Do you actually think I can answer that? Get some [deleted] good pitchers and [deleted] good hitters, and you have a chance.