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Game Fifteen: Tigers 13, Indians 2




Highest WPA
Lowest WPA
David Dellucci .069 CC Sabathia -.363
Bob Feller* .000 Travis Hafner -.036
Carlos Baerga* .000 Jhonny Peralta -.029

The best thing about this game is that it ended.

What can you say about CC Sabathia's outing, other than heading to the local digital thesaurus and listing all the synonyms of horrible, ghastly, and other assorted epithets? 13 baserunners, nine runs, all of them earned, just one strikeout, and thousands of disturbed scalps across Northeast Ohio. The same guy who won the Cy Young Award last season has given up 27 runs in 18 innings pitched. The same pitcher who was getting at least $150M at the end of the season is currently the worst pitcher in baseball.**

And of course getting shut down by a 26-year-old pitcher making his second major-league start needs mentioned. On normal days this would be the recap's top rant, but hey, it was up against stiff competition. Yesterday one could at least mention the missed opportunities for the offense, today we don't even have that to lament. David Dellucci hit his first home run of the season, and he's actually been one of the better hitters in the lineup. Asdrubal Cabrera has been an offensive non-entity, Jason Michaels has 3 hits on the year, and Casey Blake has a .450 OPS.

*Both were guests during the STO broadcast; needless to say, they were much more interesting than anything happening on the field.

**No, i didn't check to see if anyone's been worse than Sabathia; if you all know it's true, what's the point in actually proving it?