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Condensed Game Thread - JoBo Go Boom

Whose meltdown is more interesting, Borowski's or ours?  Borowski's appearance lasted just ten minutes.  It started at 10:26 p.m., but the panic set in innings earlier, and we were already talking about it by 10:12.  We all saw it coming, so why was it so painful?

Some 1800 comments preceded Borowski, and another 400 followed.  What follows is less than half the comments from just before and during.

10:12 xrickx:  jesus. this is really going to come down to borowski?
10:12 Jeffrey R:  Well... better now than against Papi or Ramirez last inning. But I don't like the idea of handing Borowski a one-run lead....
10:17 Gradysmanldy:  I swear to god my heart just skipped a beat.
10:18 xrickx:  And Borowski's not even in yet.
10:23 vbc3:  Brodzoski (The Close) warming.  I want my mommy.
10:23 Voltaire:  i just want someone to scared.
10:23 Voltaire: Borowski for the ninth? no no on on on on on on on on oh god please just get them out i don't care how oh man
10:24 Fiddlesticks:  I have lit a candle for Joe Borowski.
10:25 ChrisPokorny:  "Borowski can avoid Ortiz and Ramirez if he can go 1-2-3 in the ninth." -Hamilton.  So in other words, we'll be seeing Papi and Manny ;)
10:25 vbc3:  And a 1-2-3 and here we go, Joe ... I better pour myself a shot.
10:26 Gradyforpresident:  f___ it i'm drinking the other 40
10:26 palcal:  nail biting time
10:27 Gradysmanldy:  I start getting worried about JoeBo in the FIFTH INNING.
10:28 gte619n:  Please Joe... please...
10:28 Julie:  This inning is gonna be a CINCH.
10:28 macasson:  I'm cracking open the Dali Lama Karma Stella! Now, come on, JoBo!

All this before the 9th even started. Now, Joe's on the mound, staring in for the first pitch ... (after the jump)

10:29 zempf:  Alright, I have cracked another beer.
10:29 supermarioelia:  I need a f_______ aspirin here.
10:29 afh4:  So.  This is happening?
10:29 LGT Patrick:  This is not a dream.....
10:29 gte619n:  Julio f-ing Lugo.
10:29 xrickx:  he's throwing 84. help us all.
10:29 maledicta:  I'm calling this s___. 1-2-3
10:29 afh4:  Uhh.  Not good.     STOMP      STAT
10:29 zempf:  F_______________.
10:30 woodsmeister:  That guarding the line thing really worked, there, eh?
10:30 xrickx:  im thoroughly annoyed.
10:30 gte619n:  Lets Go Tribe!!
10:30 vbc3:  Brodzoski = 81 mph
10:30 zempf:  I die a little bit every time Borowski comes in.
10:31 jakesinger777:  I mean there isn't actually any doubt about what's going to happen, is there?  Let's not kid ourselves, or get our hopes up..
10:31 macasson:  Jeez, Blake, take your time why don't you . . .
10:31 ASP:  why did Blake hesitate?
10:31 Gradysmanldy:  ARGHHHHHHHHH
10:31 mjmarble:  81 MPH? Houston, we have a problem!
10:32 gte619n:  serenity now... serenity now...
10:32 LGT Patrick:  83 on the heater.
10:32 jakesinger777:  This is sooo freakin annoying - I mean you know Shapiro is watching the same thing we are, right?
10:32 vbc3:  F___. F___. F___.
10:32 mjmarble:  C'mon - JoBo, C'mon!
10:32 LGT Patrick:  F_____________!!
10:32 westbrook:  I HATE YOU BOROWSKI
10:33 drerikbrady:  Thanks Joe, you're my favorite.
10:33 Jeffrey R:  Hammy: "I'm guessing, Mike, that that's the fastball."
10:33 maledicta:  BALLS
10:33 Gradysmanldy: F________KKKKKF__F__CUFJFUeduhfdijzj iq[w4tq8034]0gt9 qj3]4gj134gr14 jer m rm qeqg'mpmno
10:33 Gradysmanldy: /melts down.
10:33 Fiddlesticks:  Those aren't boos you're hearing, that's BOOOOOOOOOOOOrowski!
10:33 Julie:  I will not be bitter. I will not be bitter.
10:33 jakesinger777:  Ready for Papi's first bomb of the year?
10:33 afh4: Well.  This is among best case scenarios I had. 2 outs and tied.
10:34 Voltaire:  *sigh* me too.
10:34 Jay:  Right.
10:34 exer:  I cant watch this, what the f___. you know all game long it's coming, and then it comes.
10:34 LGT Patrick:  WHAT THE F___
10:34 westbrook:  IBB. NOW.
10:34 vbc3:  Son Of A ...
10:34 afh4:  Umm.  Alright.  This is ridiculous.
10:34 maledicta:  BAAAAAAAAAALS
10:34 zempf:  Ah, come ON. That's just bulls___.
10:34 Gradysmanldy:  Oh my god.
10:34 ASP:  I bet Manny hits John Adams in the bleachers this AB.
10:34 ChrisPokorny:  Let's see how Manny handles one of these smokers from Borowski...
10:35 jakesinger777:   More importantly, get ready for the pose
10:35 Gradysmanldy:  Why in the f___ is joebo pitching to manny
10:35 mjmarble:  If Wedgie doesn't IBB Manny here, he will be even more dead to me than he already is.
10:35 emil minty:  this is about to suck
10:35 vbc3:  GOD F___IMN BLOHGDAIPDUIY(@&Y#(@*#79207643254
10:35 Julie:  He doesn't have the arm to get the ball to first. I want my mommy. My mommy has a better arm.
10:35 ChrisPokorny:  I knew it...
10:35 westbrook:  told ya -- IBB. it was the right move.
10:35 Gradyforpresident:  oh jesus
10:35 afh4:  wow.  he doesn't miss bad pitches. ever.
10:35 zempf:  Jesus Christ.
10:35 gte619n:  F___ everything.
10:35 jakesinger777:  I mean I'm not even upset because of how predictable that was.
10:36 Voltaire:  Yes yes yes yes yes. Brodzoski (The Close) must go.
10:36 jdwitmer:  f___
10:36 palcal:  no question about it
10:36 Voltaire:  I am insane.`
10:36 maledicta:  That did not just happen
10:36 Fiddlesticks:  JoeBo: He gone.
10:36 drerikbrady:  Thanks again Joe, you're still my favorite
10:36 zempf:  Seriously, Borowski has absolutely nothing. It's sad.
10:36 xrickx:  83 mph.  WTF ARE WE WAITING FOR?
10:36 westbrook:  HIRE ADAM MILLER
10:36 Justin Higgins:  FIRE BOROWSKI NOW
10:36 LGT Patrick:  I am speechless.