Bold predictions from ESPN Fantasy


A short excerpt: • Ryan Garko hits .300 and 30 home runs. • Josh Barfield gets back into the starting lineup and has double-digit steals and home runs. • Joe Borowski keeps his closer gig all season and saves 40-plus games again. • Superman II is a better movie than Superman. Kneel before Zod. • Miguel Cabrera is top-three in all three Triple Crown categories. • Justin Verlander finishes the year as the second best fantasy pitcher in the American League. • The following outfielders all go 30/30 this year: Nick Markakis, Corey Hart, Hunter Pence. • Curtis Granderson does not. • In fact, he steals under 20 bases this year. • And I wrote that before news of his broken finger, err… broke. He seems to like Carmona, Garko and Peralta better than most.