Construct your 25-man Roster!

One of my pet peeves with Indians management is their tendency to certainty of veteran mediocrity to the uncertainty of promising youngsters. Then again, I don't have to worry about options, contracts and the fiscal implications of a down seasons. Having watched a spring games, I think I can make a few 'gut' calls and am going to take a stab at constructing the Indians' 25 roster. I have tempered by irrational exuberance with young players in favor of contract realities. Here's what I have....


 C Matrinez
 C Shoppach

1B Garko
2B Cabrera
SS Peralta
3B Blake
2B Carroll
IF <one of the players received in Marte/Michaels trade>

OF Dellucci
OF Francisco
OF Sizemore
OF Gutierrez

SP Sabathia
SP Carmona
SP Westbrook
SP Byrd
SP Lee

RP Borowski
RP Betancourt
RP Perez
RP Kobayashi
RP Lewis
RP Mastny
RP Mujica
RP Miller

(scratch Miller, forgot about Hafner)

  • - So nothing really adventurous here. Marte is done. That swing of his too high maintenance and takes a while to uncork. I have seen no adjustments from him, nor any desire to let the ball get deep and hammer it the other way.
  • - I don't understand the value or purpose of Michaels. I get that Francisco's platoon split is really an anti-platoon split, but surely he can replicate Michaels' overall contribution (defense+offense). No?
  • - Fultz is beyond useless to me. But apparently we NEED two lefties in the 'pen. How many times last season did we see Fultz called in to get ONE lefty out and end up walking the guy? The numbers actually say that he wasn't THAT bad. 14 of 45 inherited runners scored. That isn't abysmal, but I just have an irrational dislike of Fultz.
  • Future Moves:
  • - Trade Peralta (or move him to 3rd). Its not that I don't like Peralta, but I'm really impressed with Barfield's adjustments. He keeps his hands lower now, giving him a little more time before he has to react. His K numbers in spring aren't great, but I like what I see from AB to AB. Unlike Marte who isn't striking out because he's popping up junk pitches early in the count, Barfield is actually making pitchers work. I'd put Barfield in AAA to start the season. Once it becomes clear that Asdrubal is a bonafide talent, move him to SS and call up Barfield. Let him backup to start out. But when he starts to look legit, trade Peralta or move him to third. The infield defense improves and the team will have SOME speed.
  • - Trade Lee when Laffey and Sowers start to look like competent replacements.
  • - Option one of the relievers to make room for Choo when he comes off the DL.
  • -

    What's your 25-man roster?

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